When you require screeding in the South of the UK, experience and reliability are important. You want a reputable company in charge, a professional service that handles every aspect of the screed mix with confidence and assurance.
This is something we do at Fast Flowing Screeds. All of our liquid screed techniques adhere to industry regulations for preparation. For you convenience, we pump floor screed on site to the highest possible specifications and leave flawless results.
As part of our screeding service, we like to keep our customers informed of the technical aspects involved when laying pumped screed systems. Here are some points to consider when you require cement screed in Newbury, for your FREE screeding quote, don’t hesitate to call us on 07779 317 161.


Prior to any screeding being installed we recommend the following actions are taken to ensure the screed conforms to regulations and is properly prepared.

  • Areas going to be screeded should be made watertight to prevent any type of leakage.
  • When a polythene slip membrane is installed over the insulation, this must be overlapped and sealed to prevent any loss of screed.
  • All pipes and cables should be securely fixed to prevent floatation and lifting during application of the screed, this can happen without the right precautions.
  • There must be a minimum cover to pipes or cables of 30mm. Where necessary, surface laitance should be removed prior to commissioning of under floor heating on site.
  • All screed moisture content must be a maximum of 0.5% and 1.0% respectively prior to application of subsequent impermeable and permeable floor coverings.


The recommended maximum bay lengths for installations of Lafarge Gyvlon Screeds without the introduction of joints are as follows:

Floating on Insulation Nominal 30m ( max 40m )
Unbonded on Polythene/Visqueen Nominal 30m ( max 40m )
Bonded Nominal 30m ( max 40m )
Underfloor Heating Nominal 30m ( max 40m )

If you require additional technical data or simply want to discuss our screeding techniques in greater detail please don’t hesitate to contact us 07779 317 161.


Similar to all types of screed systems, a joint must be formed above all structural movement joints when installing Lafarge Gvlon screeds, taking the following actions into consideration.

  • Edging strips suggested for use with Gyvlon screeds are generally 8-10mm foamed polythene skirt, this thickness relates directly to the maximum allowable positive movement within the screed.
  •  It is recommended that very large pours of floating or unbonded construction with a dimension of 30m by 40m without a break, such as a dividing wall, should include a bay joint of compressible material such as Flexcell or Ethafoam. Alternatively, on hardening, a saw cut to the full depth of the screed can be included to form the day joint.
  • For further technical data and full specifications on how to install Lafarge Gyvlon liquid screeds visit the main website at: www.gyvlon.co.uk

Should you have any queries about specifications, technical data or simply want to discuss how we can provide you with a professional screeding service, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 07779 317 161.

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